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I can't promise that I will use this thing, but I can't quite bring myself to just delete my old LJ without at least copying it somewhere first.


It's awfully pink, isn't it?
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make me a sandwich

sudo make me a sandwich
With apologies to Randal Monroe )
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I installed the "sliine" keyboard to my phone, largely because it seemed amusing. Its big claim to fame is that you can post entire phrases with a single touch. The following paragraph wad composed entifly with this feagure:

Hello hey hi heya hiya howdy man ho girl w are you? What's up? My man h dude ow are you doin dude g? Dude. Duuude. Duuude duuuuude is now a good time to talk? Nickname what's new? Ciao. Ciaoooo. Ciaoooo nickname beloved. Namaste. Friend. Aap kaisey hain?. Priya mitra Wednesday Thursday afternoon midday Tuesday 8-| :| ;) sorry can't talk be there call you right back hold down to edit lots of love see you soon byeeee!. Bye. Bye bye. Byeeee! My name ( long click to edit )


Nov. 6th, 2011 11:54 am
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I got lots of technical things wrong, but some of them still turned out OK. Here are pictures of last night's fireworks at Crystal Palace.
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I was experimenting with daylight long exposures while there, both ~30 second ones with a neutral density filter, like this and this, and ~1 second ones without, like this. I don't know if they're successful or not but I quite like them. Probably could have done better with more time and a tripod, but I think [ profile] webcowgirl would have rebelled, quite justifiably...

You might notice that the photo gallery is new, in time I'll move the old photos across as well. Unfortunately the old one was very tied to F-Spot, which I'm not using any more. But I think the new one is nicer. You can leave comments! And you can still search by tags, although all the pictures that are uploaded ATM just have "nyc" as a tag.
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I took a handful of photos one evening at BiCon this year. (Usual disclaimer: I believe I have everyone's consent but if you're less than 100% satisfied let me know by any means and I'll take any picture down.)

Everything was a bit meh at the time. Next year, hold me back.
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[ profile] trishpiglet, [ profile] dr_jen and I went for a walk in the Rookery at Streatham Common yesterday. In among the rather ordinary pictures I took there are three of a slightly startled squirrel taking flight. I'm amazed they get all four paws off the branch at once...

Canon RC-1

Apr. 12th, 2010 07:42 pm
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I've eBayed everything else, but I really can't be arsed for this. Does anyone want a Canon RC-1? (That's the little infrared remote shutter release).
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I hope you like them[1]. As usual I probably completely missed lots of people, for which I apologise.

I had a fab time, but somehow got ill the next day. Stupid stomach! Seem to be recovering now though, and looking forward to Oxford Bifest...

[1] Usual policy applies: let me know if you don't and I'll take it down asap.
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Freecycle having failed me, I don't suppose anyone wants an Ikea Oppli TV bench? 50x150x40cm, both shelves missing. Don't all rush at once.
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While we were at work today someone delivered a religious magazine. I took pictures of a couple of the pages in it, about how giving money to the church can solve your financial problems and going into some detail about the problems with feminism. My intent was mostly just to point and laugh. But then I checked Wikipedia and now I'm just angry, in a rehearsing-what-to-say-to-them-if-they-come-round-again kind of way.

(I had a very nice weekend though!)
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It'll soon be time for me to get a new phone, and it's clear that the smartphone market is now mature enough for it to be the obvious choice. This is what I'm currently thinking; I'd be interested in your thoughts too.

I expect this to be boring for many people )
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but does anyone have a use for a 200G SATA HDD? Going to landfill if not...
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I was going to write something like: "Bi. Poly. SMer. Transvestite. Too busy to write more; check my interests."

But that's a bit minimal even for me, so here are some very rushed thoughts on the topic.

I've found that coming out needs to be a continuous process - I came out as bi at the pub immediately after my job interview at LShift but by the time I started people had forgotten. And I came out as poly at my previous job when my boss read the appropriate copy of The Big Issue, but then he left and it never came up again.

Of course both examples pertain to work; we'll assume my friends know everything anyway.
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All the real photographers use raw. At least, that's what I'm told. So I should too, right?
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Not wanting to boast or anything, but I just want to tell you that this photo was taken through the window of the bus at 50mph on the way to the airport. :-p

There are a few other photos but not many, I was too relaxed to pick up the camera much of the time...


Sep. 3rd, 2009 06:36 pm
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Here are some pictures of Cornwall. Most of them were taken at The Eden Project as that was almost the only time it wasn't raining! Had a good time regardless, but glad to be dried out now...
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No pictures of the candle, it kept blowing out. Windy day!
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As done by so many others (baaa, baaa).

Comment if you'd like to say something to me. Post-BiCon-related or not. All comments are screened. IP logging off. Say what you like.

ETA: I just had an anonymous comment that I would have loved to be able to reply to! Do consider signing a name, although that is in no way needed...
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I want to print out a line drawing at a very large size. The drawing in question is simple black-and-white (it's a copy of the comic book panel of Maggie and Hopey I had in West Ham if you remember that), so spot colour would be fine. Ideally about 2m x 2m.

I can't find anyone who will print something that big on paper. Print shops seem to max out at around A0, which is rather a lot too small.

There are companies that print advertising onto plastic banners - these guys were the cheapest I could find at £81 + VAT + delivery for 1.8m square. That seems expensive though, and it's much "more" (process colour on a relatively robust substrate) than I need. Also I don't know if they're printed in a way that looks good close up.

Anyone got any ideas? Rasterbator and similar chop-it-up-into-A4-pieces suggestions will not be considered</jwz>.
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